Ummmmm…..could we talk about shoes all day??? YES!! Women, why are we so good at everything we do? Because we understand that every good platform is built from the ground up. And that of course, starts from our understanding and love of a good pair of shoes. Shoes can literally make or break any good outfit, so when selecting that next pair, or pairs as is thease most times, they are the basis of our entire outfits. Ladies, if you are starting with your outfit FIRST, and shoes second? I have to say no!! In my own personal opinion of course, it is far easier to find an outfit once you have found a pair of shoes you like, than it is to find shoes to really compliment your outfit. Two, if you look at your shoes like your “outfit”, and your outfit like your “accessory” to compliment them, you will find that you will be far more likely to try different styles. When I find a fun pair of shoes, I automatically start imagining the fun outfits I can wear with it. All the different ways I can sport my new pair. Jeans, Skirt, Dress, etc. When I buy a new outfit, I am really only thinking of a singular type of shoe to compliment what I’ve bought. Buying your shoes FIRST, to me, is the classic case of less becoming MORE!! My personal opinion of course. But here’s a test. How many outfits can you think of to wear with the shoes below?

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