Must have’s

Must have item for this month?………WEAVE!! Yes, weave! Why? Because, eight out of ten women either have it, need it, or are thinking about getting some. Save for the perfect few, most of us are “folicly challenged” in one way or another. And, weave is usually the answer to our problems. And, I’m not talking about the tired weave we all have or wore at one time or another. I’m talking “Gud Weave” LOL The kind of weave that makes you the envy of tired weave wearing women everywhere! That weave that almost sings to people when you walk by. It may not be yours, but then, if it’s good weave, and put in correctly, no one will know, and those that do, won’t even care. And who else to show how gorgeous hair can make people not even care if it’s weave or not, but the “Queen of Gorgeous Weave” herself…. Tyra Banks. (Along with some of us commoners) 😉

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