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Yes, I have tattoos!! My husband has tattoos! I love him, and I love his and my tattoos! I am also a mother and hard working professional woman with brains, beauty and brawn. My have we evolved! It’s a new day ladies. Things that use to be “un-lady like”  are now starting to be seen for what they are. A way to tell women what we should look like, and how we should present ourselves in order to be accepted. A trend I am glad is starting to die. HOWEVER…that is not a clean slate to go out and get some god awful tattoo or piercing just because people are no longer frowning upon it like they had. First off, tattoos and piercings are about self expression. If you are getting a tattoo or a piercing in a provocative place, don’t get mad if someone assumes things about you that you may feel are unwarranted. With expression comes opinions. There’s no two ways about it. There’s nothing wrong with having a “sexy” tattoo or piercing, as long as you understand that in the eyes of others, you may be seen in the light you are presenting it in. To each their own. For the most part, there are two types people that get tattoos or piercings. The “Story teller” and “The exhibitionist”. The “Story Teller” is self explanatory. Their tattoos tell a story. Whether it be macabre, sorrowful, funny, etc, their art and modifications give insight into their personalities and even some of their beliefs, passions and motivations. The “Exhibitionist” on the other hand, chooses their poison for the sake of adornment. Their art work and modification is geared more for reaction. They range from a few well placed pieces, to full murals (COMPLETELY TATTED). The “Exhibitionist” wants their art work to not only be seen, but the topic of conversation as well. I myself are more of the “story teller” type, but I love to see great “exhibitionist” art work. And may even get one. Who knows.

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