When it comes to fashion….the sky is the limit. Give a woman an item, and ten minutes, and she will have constructed a whole out fit around it. From shoes to accessories, head to toe, she will have imagined an entire outfit, and even where she would wear it. The trick however, is finding the places that turn our dream outfits into a reality. Now, you could always go to the mainstream places, Macy’s, etc. BUT, the true victory when looking for your next look, is in the discovery. Finding that place that is fresh, innovative, and carries an array of styles. There is no better feeling than wearing something new, being complimented on it, and them asking you where you got it……EXCEPT, when you can tell them about a place that they may have never heard of yet. A place that YOU discovered. There’s a certain feeling of credibility to your fashion sense when you can rock an outfit that others love, from a place that’s trendy, not because they have a million facebook likes, but because they carry genuinely beautiful products. When I’m looking for designers, or boutiques (on-line & store front), it’s not about how popular they are at the moment, but about the emotion of the products they create or carry. Will the product help define my sense of couture, or am I having to settle for the next best thing?

In my mission to bring you the newest and freshest faces to the couture scene, I went back to my vault, as well as ventured out into new waters, and came up with a truly amazing cast of boutiques and designers. Hailing from all across the globe, they will no doubt inspire you to rethink the way you go about looking, as well as designing your next truly trendy, couture look! As we will be introducing some of the names and places on BLACK FRIDAY, I can’t give away just who yet. But….here are some sneak peeks at some of the stuff they have to offer! Enjoy!

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