Ladies, we love our accessories! I know myself, I have drawers full of trinkets and pieces that I use to help define my style for the day. Whether i’m feeling laid back and casual, or rock start chic, my accessories are who I turn to when looking to top off my look. And the best part about accessories are?…..They come in all price ranges! Yes, I too am a fan of “bling”. Adorn me in diamonds. But the truth of the matter is, you can be just as fabulous with a piece that cost you 5 or 10 dollars, as you can in something that cost you 5,000 to 10,000 dollars. That is the magic behind any good accessory. What the mind believes, the eyes perceive, the body portrays. It’s amazing how even an inexpensive piece, can still make me feel like a million bucks. And truth be told, when it comes to accessories and style in general, it’s not so much about the cost, as it is about how much it helps define your style. I have some great boutiques lined up to share with you all. From the easily afforded, to high end custom pieces. Each well worth their value, and will help compliment whatever couture lifestyle you are building. But, while we are busy writing about these fresh faces and places, here are some images to get your heart and imagination running!

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