Welcome to Skyline Couture

Here we believe that YOU create your own couture. It isn’t about what everyone else is wearing, having to be so out there with your style just to be different, or feeling the need to wear certain designs because that is what’s publicly labeled as “couture”. Everyone is a individual,  YOU create your own couture!

The amount of attention that is set to those big name designers really drowns out those up and coming designers, fashion ideas, as well as products that we “everyday” individual can really use and take advantage of. With that in mind through-out my blog I will be sharing ideas, designers, tips and products that ANYONE can use and afford as well.

Little about myself. I was born in Poland, but moved to the Chicago land area when I was five. Since I was little, I’ve always been outgoing, naturally gravitating to modeling when I was older. I spent time in New York, having done print work for J.C. Pennys, and Marshall Fields. Matter of fact, while I sit here and write about the things that lead me into starting my own blog, I have come to realize that I have done a little of everything, when it comes to fashion. Makeup, hair, nails, clothing, shoes….if I wasn’t directly a part of it, it was directly a part of my everyday life. And these experiences gave me the insight I have today on trends, and even some of the mentality behind how we dress, and why.

So welcome to my blog. For the most part, I keep the language pretty “Pg”.  And would ask that anyone here and sharing, commenting etc, out of respect for the younger, internet savvy women, do the same. Having said that…Feel free to comment, share, and if there’s anyone or anything that you believe deserves attention let me know!

~ Agata

Skyline Couture LLC.

Oh! And I can’t leave out my family!


Would you like to share your business with us, or have a business you would like others to know about? Email us at Uvoycedit@gmail.com., or in box us at Skyline Couture, or Skyline Couture-Chicago

Be sure to stop by our site, located at  http://www.omnivoyce.com/..You’ll find us, along with our other branches and blogs!


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