Economical Hair Tips

With the first of the year behind us I am sure that many of you have made to resolution to save more money in the new year. Two weeks into the month gas prices begin to rise slowly. Your  job makes you get up way to early so there’s no way your going to skip your daily Starbucks ! You then quickly start to rethink your “resolution” and if it is even possible. Well , I can’t control how much you pay for coffee but I can provide you with some industry secrets on how you can save a few dollars on your next salon visit and still have Haute Hair !

Baby Got Roots !

There is nothing worse than when your hilites start to grow out quicker than you or your wallet is ready to go back for another $180.00 session with your stylist. Try these tips to get just a few more weeks out of your color….

  • If you wear your hair down a lot talk to your stylist about getting individual foils just down your part line . It usually takes about five or six foils and cost about $5.00 per foil  and takes half the time !
  •  If you have curly hair or hair with a lot of body , when it’s almost time for a touch up try a zig zag part this will give you added volume and make roots less visible

Men need help too !

Gus spend a lot of money on  haircuts. As a stylist I sometimes feel bad for charging them when it seems as if only dust is hitting the floor. Try this to get a few more days out of your hair cut…

  •  Go in to see your barber or stylist for an edge up in between haircuts. Usually around the ears and on the neck tend to grow out sooner than the rest of your hair cut . It only cost about $5.00 and makes you look as if you just got a whole hair cut. 
  • Have two hairstyles. Yes two ! A short hairstyle and a long hairstyle. Maybe you like to wear a ceasar when it’s first cut. Why not try a faux hawk as it grows out to give you a few extra days.

What do you you do to budget your salon bill ? Share your tips with us , we’d love to hear from you !

Do you have a Haute Hair topic that you would love to discuss ? Contact Skyline Couture .


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