How To Be Best Tressed In 2013 !

It is often said that change often takes time , this year that philosophy will prove to be true when referencing your hair.  With a year of smooth , sleek bobs  and textured pixies and precision cuts behind us , the runways of fashion week were oozing with hairstyles that require a  little more length than what we have grown accustomed !

In 2013 with trending collarless shirts and the “dudette” cap it is no wonder why  the nape of the neck is the focal point this year . Messy chignons worn at the occipital were especially haute ! Think messy high bun bought down to the nape. They were then dressed up with headpieces that resembled a headband worn in reverse . Cute right !? Need to be a little more polished for the occasion ? Don’t worry sleek ponytails were also worn down low being complimented by either a middle part or a deep side part !

Are you over ombré color as much as I am ? Well in 2013 say bye-bye dimension and hello one-dimensional , easy to retouch color ! That’s right with a trending solid platinum blonde this year it seems as though you might be able to save a little money on your full foil double dimension highlights ! If blonde is not for you try playing with shades two to three levels within your natural hair level .

So to sum up what to expect in early 2013 in two words EFFORTLESS & MINIMALISM ! Who knew a bad hair day could look so stylish !? Cant wait to see how you rock the looks !

If you have any questions or Haute Hair topics that you want to discuss please contact Skyline Couture .


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