Bullet Blues Custom Apparel


Blue jeans and women’s casual and sophisticated clothing made in the USA with American material http://bulletbluesca.com/
The owner of Bullet Blues a native of France, has put together a great collection of jeans, tops and dresses with her own European flair. Everything is manufactured in the USA using only American made materials. Bullet Blues is very proud of our wonderful products made by gifted American craftsmen. Bullet Blues Custom Apparel is about quality, durability, fashion, comfort, fit and customer satisfaction. We believe in manufacturing our products in the USA using only American made materials.An avid shopper who loves to wear jeans. Isabelle always found it hard to find jeans that had a great fit as well as superior quality and design. The jeans she usually bought were not American made, and if they were, the fabric and other materials came from foreign countries. Thinking about why she could not find a fantastic pair of jeans that were completely American-made, Isabelle had an idea…an idea that hit her like a speeding bullet – she was going to design jeans that would be made entirely in the USA and made using only American-made materials (fabric, button, burrs, etc.). Et Voila! Bullet Blues was born!

Made in America with exceptional quality, Bullet Blues jeans for women fit like a glove, with just enough stretch to emphasize the beautiful shapes of American women. Proudly enlisting only American craftsmen and resources, Bullet Blues men’s jeans offer the same uncompromising quality and style, but they are specially tailored just to make him look and feel great.

Living the American Dream with a European flair Isabelle, the proprietor of Bullet Blues, was born in Angouleme, France. She is the 3rd child in a family of 6. She came to America thinking she was going to stay for a short time but she fell in love with the USA. She decided to stay and now has her dual citizenship.


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