J Hilburn Luxury Menswear-Chicago


J Hilburn is a luxury men’s clothing company redefining how men shop. Meet with a wardrobe stylist or ecommerce. Contact Kim Nordstrom, Style Consultant at (773)457-1100 or kim.nordstrom@jhilburnpartner.com
Why J. Hilburn?
We Bring you custom luxury menswear without breaking the bank.Italian Fabrics: Our suits, shirts and trousers are all crafted of fabrics from the finest mills in the world, and more often than not, this means Italy. Luxury starts with premium materials , so we insist on using only the best.Custom Fit: We believe truly custom menswear starts with a personal fitting. As a Consultant I am trained and certified to measure you for an unmatched custom fit.

Exceptional Value:
Direct from the finest makers in the world, our garments are delivered to you at a value that is impossible for traditional retailers to match.

Why Sell Direct?
By selling direct J. Hilburn can eliminate the additi9onal retail mark-up. This allows them to sell luxury apparel at nearly half the price of department stores and specialty retailers.

Retailers generally us a keystone mark-up, which means they set the retail price by doubling the price they paid for the product. For instance, if a shirt costs the consumer $200 at the department store, then that shirt cost them $100 to buy from different brands, such as Gucci, or Armani.

By eliminating this additional mark-up, J. Hilburn is able to offer the same quality products at half the retail price

Fine Italian Personalized suits
Formal Wear and Accessories
Sport Coats
Custom made shirts- Italian FabricsTrousers:
Fine Italian Wool
Luxury Wool Flannel
Sueded Twill
Luxury Pinwale Corduroy
AG DenimAccessories:
Handcrafted Italian leather and exotic Bets
Custom Belts handcrafted in US
Sterling Silver Cuff Links
Cashmere Scarves
Italian Silk Ties


Baby Cashmere
Cashmere Blend Sweaters
– V-Neck
– Half Zips
– Cardigans
– Vests

Loro Piana Outerwear Jackets

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