Diamond Ultimate Events Travel

When it comes to places to go, sometimes simply getting away is not enough. Sometimes you need to get away to a place where all of you can relax and recharge. The most common term for a get- a-way like this? A VACATION!! And, it just so happens that the company i’m writing about today, can help you do just that.

Fresh to the scene, Diamond Ultimate Events & Travel is a premiere vacation agency, affording you some of the top destinations around the world, for far less than the usual destination prices. Established in 2011, they have made a name for themselves by being nimble, and shopping out the best prices for their clients needs, and desires. From marriages and honeymoons, to group parties and functions, they don’t just cater to those looking to take a break, they work to help their clients have the most memorable experiences possible. Customer service wise, they are top notch, responding to questions about destinations and affordability, without over promising what they will be able to provide. Also asking in greater detail just what it was I was looking to get out of my vacation, and offering advice on places, as well as any additional services they could provide to facilitate. Courteous and informative, I felt like they actually WANTED not just my business, but also for me to have an enjoyable time. I say this because, myself and others have booked vacations via travel sites. One, highly un-informative. Great, maybe you do get a room for less. It may be in a part of town I know NOTHING about. And they aren’t going to tell me much, because there is no actual live person to speak with. Two, they aren’t getting deals that other companies Like “D.U.E.T.” aren’t getting as well. When I go on vacation, YES, I would love to do it for as little as possible! That would be fantastic. But, when you don’t pay for service, you don’t get service. I would rather get all the amenities a travel site offers, while also getting the service that allows me to truly plan out my trip, than not.

Diamond Ultimate Events & Travel in my opinion is exactly what the travel market needs to start leaning back towards. The ability to book vacations and parties, knowledge about the areas they serve, and most importantly customer service, from a human being. So, when you’re looking to go on your next vacation, planning a destination wedding, and really just about anything else that has to do with getting away from the “daily grind” for a bit, my advice would be to just “D.U.E.T.” (I know! I was waiting this whole time to say that!)

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