The “Clinger”

Dear Rolo;

“Dear rolo, i’ve been dating a guy for two weeks now. We met through mutual friends of ours, and he’s really a sweet guy. But he is waaay to clingy. I don’t get it. If he’s not stalking me on facebook, he’s texting or calling. I try to give him hints that it’s to much, but he either can’t take a hint, or doesn’t care. And it’s almost impossible to go out without him knowing where and who i’m with. Help!”  ~FML

Well, “FML”…my first advice would be….RUN!!!! No, just joking! Seriously though you have a “Stage Five Clinger” on your hands. Worse, I’m sure that it’s occurred to you, that even if you break it off, things amongst your circle of friends will be weird for a second.  This is a matter of being honest with yourself. Is he just a “companion”, or is he genuine “Boyfriend material”? From how you sound, I would say that, even though you may see qualities in this guy you like…..he is NOT worth the trouble. So, better to break it off now, before he REALLY gets attached. If the underlying question is HOW? Well, while it would be easier to just stop being available, it will most certainly add to any animosity he has later. Honesty is usually the best policy in situations like this. Of course, I would understand your trepidation with the whole honest approach, as it may just lead to them claiming they’ll change. Which is just another sign to run. The ole “It’s not you, it’s me” would be perfectly appropriate for this situation. There is no easy way out with the “clinger” crowd. My gut instinct says you are already over with this guy. Be respectful, but probably best to be honest. At least leave him with something to learn from. Then RUN!!!!



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