Let’s be serious!!

Ladies, lets face it! Though the world may be changing, we still have a LOOONG way to go in the work place. It’s true, we are gaining ground as independent, small business owning professionals. But we are far from the level we need to be, to be making the zany fashion “DON’T” I am about to write about.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my “dress down” days, where I can throw on my comfy sweats, my favorite T-shirt and flip flops, put my hair up, maybe even throw on a hat, and call it a day. BUT! When it comes time to represent my business? Well, that is a whole other ball game. Now, I’m not here to say what’s “Right and Wrong” when it comes to how you want to represent yourself and your business. To each their own. It would be hypocritical for us to say “…create your own couture”, then turn around and bash it, because it doesn’t fit a certain set of circumstances. But, the fact of the matter is, we DO have to deal with perception. And, lets be honest, one is far more inclined to believe someone is successful at what they do, if they also DRESS, like they are successful at what they do. Sweat pants and a t-shirt with a baseball cap, looking like you just had a couple sessions with “Mary Jane” is NOT going to make me think you take yourself very serious. And if you don’t take yourself serious, what are the chances that you take your business serious. But maybe I’m wrong. So here’s the question. Sweat pants and a T-Shirt when going out to represent your business. Yay or Nay?


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