Throw it in the bag!

You know, in my quest to find places that are worth more than a second glance, I seem to be coming to a stark realization. One, my shoe fetish is worse than I thought. And two, what happened to the really good purse/hand bag boutiques? Now, don’t get me wrong! They are out there. Some of them I have already shared with you. Some I will be writing about in more detail. BUT, one would be HARD pressed to find a place that truly specialized in purses (Of course, we have one to share, and a hometown native at that). Which got me thinking…Why? Ladies, a purse is more than just an accessory. For some of us, it is the equivalent of owning a u-haul with a shoulder strap. And knowing this, you would think that there would be a place that truly specialized in bringing us the very best and greatest assortment of them. A Toy’s R Us of bags! Instead, purses seem to have been relegated to the mommy section, where they look more like diaper bags, than couture purses worthy of a day out. And again, you can still find beautiful purses at most of the places we share and affiliate with…but I’ve just been hard pressed to find a place that specializes in delivering the kinds of purses that make our heart skip a beat….then….I came across just such a place.

Now, this place doesn’t “specialize in bags, per se. But they don’t have to when they offer the array of bags they have in their inventory. Literally scrolled their site saying “and this one, and this one, and that one”. This will be a place we will definitely be speaking to and more about! For now, some looks….bao24 baob05 fwb49 fwb50 fwb51 nbao004 nbao012-8 tmb01-1 tmb03 tmb07 tmb09 tmb10 tmb11 tmb12


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