Your Hair Source

Hair has come a long way in the last few decades. Remember when wearing fake hair was frowned upon by “others”? When people laughed and mocked anyone they discovered rocking lavish locks that weren’t theirs? Un-Be-Weavable what a couple years can do! Today, weave, or hair extensions as is more commonly used now, is no longer just an accessory used mostly by minority’s. Yes ladies!! There is a such thing as “White Girl Weave”!! Secret is out, and you heard it here first. We love weave!! And, we’ve been secretly wearing it for YEARS now!  But that’s a story for another day. Today, I want to introduce you to a vendor with some of the most exquisite weave/hair extensions on the market.

Ladies, I introduce you to Your Hair Source, run by CEO and hair extraordinaire, Harsh Gupta. Hailing from Arizona, but having clientele around the globe, Mr. Gupta came to us with a simple proposition. Sample his product, and if it’s not some of the best hair on the market, send it back and he would never approach us again. However, if it was….then let the world know. Well, seeing as how we are writing about him…..the results are a given. Now, I’ve had all kinds of extensions, and I can say, these were definitely some of the BEST I’ve come across. Why? Well for starters, it was virgin hair. Meaning, REAL hair, and not synthetic. Also, for it to be TRUE virgin hair, it should be free of any chemicals. You should NEVER receive extensions that have already been treated, as they tend to fray, snag, kink, nap, (give it a name, none of them are good things). True virgin hair just has a silky, smooth texture that is undeniable.

Let’s talk attributes. The sample I received was Machine Weft, 100% Indian Remy Hair, 18 inches long, Black. I washed it, curled it, and straightened it, and through it all, it never lost it’s texture or body. Up, down, left, right, didn’t matter how or which way I wore it with my hair, it flowed naturally. When Harsh first approached us, I was skeptical. Not that he wouldn’t have a product for us to sample. But that it wouldn’t live up to the expectations he set. But, he put his product where his mouth is, and I am a believer. Your Hair Source  delivered exactly what they said they would. Some of the highest quality hair extensions money can buy. And speaking of money, our story doesn’t end there. Virgin hair is NOT cheap! And I’m not just speaking about quality. Fair market value for Virgin Hair varies from $80 to upwards of $120. However…. Mr. Gupta was kind enough to offer 20%  off any purchase with a coupon code of SKYLINECOUTURE (all one word). In search of the best extensions money can buy? Well, Your Hair Source is your source. And with 20% off, there is no excuse to not be as fabulous as you want!

Facebook; Your Hair Source

Website; Your Hair Source


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