Bandages never looked so good!

The age of bandage dresses is here! Whether on the Mag mile here in Chicago, the red carpets of Hollywood, to as far away as Japan, the bandage dress has seemed to spread with little resistance,…. and for good reason. For starter’s, they hug curves tighter than the most exotic cars on the road, come in every color imaginable, and maybe the best part of all, you can find them made by some of the top designers in the world, for great prices. The usual price range for a good quality Bandage Dress is usually around $100 to $400, depending on the fabrics used. But, even at the top prices, you can be wearing a piece that celebrities from Paris Hilton, to Brittney Spears rock when they want to show off their couture figures and style. The versatility of the style seems endless as well, allowing you to wear it in just about any situation, from formal to sexy sophisticated. I must say, I myself have become an avid fan of the style, and with the new designers entering the field to put their own spin on them, the future looks bright for this sexy new trend.  One of the designers leading the way, is a man who’s designs you’ve seen on many famous bodies. Somehow he has managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of women everywhere, and yet…, NO ONE has actually written about him, or his world famous dresses. But, Skyline Couture seeks to change that. We will be speaking with the designer behind Stretta Apparel, and examine just why it is that his dresses in particular are getting so much attention around the globe. Stay tuned…..

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