High Heeled Gym Shoes!?! Fashion Sin?, or Fashion Win?

There is a difference between a Trend, which is something that, though it evolves, it never really dies….and a fad, which for the most part, we are all happy it disappears when it does. Question is, how can we tell the difference? Not sure that there is an exact science to this. I do know however, that the further off the beaten path, the far more likely it is to become a fad. Case in point, the new trend/fad in pumps designed like gym shoes. Or, is a gym shoe designed like a pump? Not entirely sure. But, because fashion is ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder, I decided to do a little more research……and there you go. Doesn’t seem to be anyone claiming the first to do this. But, I did find that some brands are quick to jump on what they see as a shoe that women would want to wear. Now, I won’t lie, at first sight, they don’t look like a shoe that I would wear. Some look sexier than others…but some of these “Franken-Heels” are really just down right UGLY!  In my honest opinion, I don’t get it. But, again, the proof is in the pudding, or better put, the proof is in the ability to match it to an outfit that the majority of the people in society would wear. Yes, fashion is in the eye of the beholder, but trends are in the hands of the consumer. And we can be a finnicky bunch when we want to. And that goes DOUBLE for American trends and fashion. We are not to quick to trend towards things that others consider weird. Eclectic, sure! WEIRD, ummmm, not so much. Below, was MY attempt at creating an outfit that I could see myself in, if having bought a pair of the heels. Question is, again, did I nail it, or fail?

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