Agata’s “Sole Survivor” Choice

When it comes to getting ready and putting an outfit together, their are two different ways to do it. Pick the clothes that you want to wear,  choose the accessories then the shoes, OR pick the shoes first then build from the ground up. I personally pick the shoe first then build from their. The shoe to me is the part of the outfit that can either make it or break it. Great outfit, great accessories, then if you pick a pair of shoes that don’t quite fit…your look is now off. Now, I’m not saying that that happens every time, but I personally don’t want to chance that. I am a person that really pays attention to detail. Every line, fabric, style and trend goes with certain styles more than others.

Now, my husband and I were talking the other day on how a woman should create an outfit starting with the shoes first. He chose a pair of shoes that HE thought would be versatile for both a night out, as well as being worn in a formal setting. Needless to say I disagreed with his selection, as he disagreed with mine.  So we decided to create a challenge out of it. He went ahead and created an outfit to go with the shoes he picked for both a casual & formal look, and I did the same with mine. Below is the shoe I chose and my casual and formal look.  We ask two things: Vote if we nailed it or failed it on our own looks as well as who won the challenge!



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