All I want for Xmas is some New, Fresh Ink!

With the dawn of the new age, came our first black president, equal rights for gays, greater empowerment for women, and last but not least….the greater acceptance of tattoos in society. Use to be, you had a tattoo, you were immediately deemed “Trouble”. Now, you are thought of more as an expressionist, or free spirit. Someone that is not rebelling against “the status quo”, so much as just wanting to express yourself in more non traditional ways. And though there are still stigmas attached to tattoos and the people that wear them. They are not as restraining as they use to be. I hate the cold. It is NO secret! My dream location to live one day? Miami! Yes, it’s beautiful…but it is also warm. Something I value greatly, as I currently reside in the windy city. However, there is one great perk to the seasonal change we experience here. The fall and winter seasons are the PERFECT time to get that new ink you’ve been day dreaming about.

Let me put it into perspective for you. One, every tattoo artist will warn you during the summer months, “No pools, no direct sunlight”.        Summer time, yet, no swimming pools, and no direct sun light? It’s summer time? But, unless you want that fresh ink that you have been planning on showing off to all your friends, turning into a faded or washed out mess?….best to do what they say. Playing by these rules however can make your summer a little less eventful. No hot bikini’s showing off that new rib tat. No tanning, PERIOD! And no matter the skimpy outfit, if it’s day time, you have to walk around like a wounded warrior till it heals. But, during the winter months?…not so much. Granted, you still have to take precautions, but, not as much as when you are dealing with the summer months. Daytime is shorter, you are forced, for the most part, to wear more clothing, and the biggest reason to shop for new ink…the HOLIDAYS!!! You got it. Tattoo shops are no different from any other establishment. They want our hard earned money same as that shoe boutique down the street. And that usually equates to deals!! In fact, the best time to look for deals on ink is during the holiday season. Search around. I guarantee you that shops are running some kind of holiday mark off. And, I’m not talking about some shop full of scratch artists trying to sucker you in with “come in and get……”, desperate for any kind of traffic. I’m speaking about quality artists, that appreciate what it means to give a little to earn your repeat business. And, we ARE repeat customers! After that first session, we are hooked. Whether we return to that specific artist or shop however?….depends on the service, and the quality of  work. So, if the winter time is bumming you out. Don’t fret. Start shopping around for your next piece. Get them done now, so while the people that waited until summer are now mummified in bandages, you can be strutting your stuff, and showing off your new art work proudly!

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