Economical Hair Tips

With the first of the year behind us I am sure that many of you have made to resolution to save more money in the new year. Two weeks into the month gas prices begin to rise slowly. Your  job makes you get up way to early so there’s no way your going to skip your daily Starbucks ! You then quickly start to rethink your “resolution” and if it is even possible. Well , I can’t control how much you pay for coffee but I can provide you with some industry secrets on how you can save a few dollars on your next salon visit and still have Haute Hair !

Baby Got Roots !

There is nothing worse than when your hilites start to grow out quicker than you or your wallet is ready to go back for another $180.00 session with your stylist. Try these tips to get just a few more weeks out of your color….

  • If you wear your hair down a lot talk to your stylist about getting individual foils just down your part line . It usually takes about five or six foils and cost about $5.00 per foil  and takes half the time !
  •  If you have curly hair or hair with a lot of body , when it’s almost time for a touch up try a zig zag part this will give you added volume and make roots less visible

Men need help too !

Gus spend a lot of money on  haircuts. As a stylist I sometimes feel bad for charging them when it seems as if only dust is hitting the floor. Try this to get a few more days out of your hair cut…

  •  Go in to see your barber or stylist for an edge up in between haircuts. Usually around the ears and on the neck tend to grow out sooner than the rest of your hair cut . It only cost about $5.00 and makes you look as if you just got a whole hair cut. 
  • Have two hairstyles. Yes two ! A short hairstyle and a long hairstyle. Maybe you like to wear a ceasar when it’s first cut. Why not try a faux hawk as it grows out to give you a few extra days.

What do you you do to budget your salon bill ? Share your tips with us , we’d love to hear from you !

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What’s your Motive?

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Motives cosmetics by Loren Ridinger is an award winning cosmetics line. Motives is an awesome brand of makeup, that is  luxurious, high quality but for a great price. For example eye shadows are only $12.50 and lipsticks are only $14.75.  My favorite product is the Luxe Precision Eye Line it goes on so easy and in a nice smooth line!

Also, I would have to say Motives 10 years younger makeup setting spray is AWESOME! I have always wanted a setting spray and I am so happy I got Motives’ setting spray because it actually works my makeup lasts all day! I don’t know about anyone else but I hate getting the little particles on my cheek after applying eyeshadow. After using Motives Steel eye shadow I was so amazed I didn’t have to tap the brush three times before applying it, there was no particals on my cheek and it goes on very vibrant you do not have to go over the color several times for it to pop. Motives has a variety of so much stuff. And all the utensils you need to apply it. They also have great smelling perfume. I’ll never use another brand!
To order you’re Motives cosmetics go to

How To Be Best Tressed In 2013 !

It is often said that change often takes time , this year that philosophy will prove to be true when referencing your hair.  With a year of smooth , sleek bobs  and textured pixies and precision cuts behind us , the runways of fashion week were oozing with hairstyles that require a  little more length than what we have grown accustomed !

In 2013 with trending collarless shirts and the “dudette” cap it is no wonder why  the nape of the neck is the focal point this year . Messy chignons worn at the occipital were especially haute ! Think messy high bun bought down to the nape. They were then dressed up with headpieces that resembled a headband worn in reverse . Cute right !? Need to be a little more polished for the occasion ? Don’t worry sleek ponytails were also worn down low being complimented by either a middle part or a deep side part !

Are you over ombré color as much as I am ? Well in 2013 say bye-bye dimension and hello one-dimensional , easy to retouch color ! That’s right with a trending solid platinum blonde this year it seems as though you might be able to save a little money on your full foil double dimension highlights ! If blonde is not for you try playing with shades two to three levels within your natural hair level .

So to sum up what to expect in early 2013 in two words EFFORTLESS & MINIMALISM ! Who knew a bad hair day could look so stylish !? Cant wait to see how you rock the looks !

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Fall and winter collection

Bloomin’ Boobies


Bringing you the finest decor your ta-tas have ever seen!
Feel sexy and free in our handmade bras, created just for you with an assortment of accessories of your choice. Perfect for festivals, concerts or dance performances. Matching flower crowns and hairpieces are also available.**Check out our shop on Etsy!!**

All accessories are sewn on or secured with a permanent adhesive made specifically for fabric and jewels. Extra care is taken to make sure it will last you a long time. Our bras have been worn to many concerts and are doing great! 🙂

Available in push up and strapless, keep checking back while we work on adding stash pockets and LED’s!

All requests can be made on this page or through one of the admins, just make sure you include your size and any style or color preferences!!

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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Bullet Blues Custom Apparel


Blue jeans and women’s casual and sophisticated clothing made in the USA with American material
The owner of Bullet Blues a native of France, has put together a great collection of jeans, tops and dresses with her own European flair. Everything is manufactured in the USA using only American made materials. Bullet Blues is very proud of our wonderful products made by gifted American craftsmen. Bullet Blues Custom Apparel is about quality, durability, fashion, comfort, fit and customer satisfaction. We believe in manufacturing our products in the USA using only American made materials.An avid shopper who loves to wear jeans. Isabelle always found it hard to find jeans that had a great fit as well as superior quality and design. The jeans she usually bought were not American made, and if they were, the fabric and other materials came from foreign countries. Thinking about why she could not find a fantastic pair of jeans that were completely American-made, Isabelle had an idea…an idea that hit her like a speeding bullet – she was going to design jeans that would be made entirely in the USA and made using only American-made materials (fabric, button, burrs, etc.). Et Voila! Bullet Blues was born!

Made in America with exceptional quality, Bullet Blues jeans for women fit like a glove, with just enough stretch to emphasize the beautiful shapes of American women. Proudly enlisting only American craftsmen and resources, Bullet Blues men’s jeans offer the same uncompromising quality and style, but they are specially tailored just to make him look and feel great.

Living the American Dream with a European flair Isabelle, the proprietor of Bullet Blues, was born in Angouleme, France. She is the 3rd child in a family of 6. She came to America thinking she was going to stay for a short time but she fell in love with the USA. She decided to stay and now has her dual citizenship.

Diamond Ultimate Events Travel

When it comes to places to go, sometimes simply getting away is not enough. Sometimes you need to get away to a place where all of you can relax and recharge. The most common term for a get- a-way like this? A VACATION!! And, it just so happens that the company i’m writing about today, can help you do just that.

Fresh to the scene, Diamond Ultimate Events & Travel is a premiere vacation agency, affording you some of the top destinations around the world, for far less than the usual destination prices. Established in 2011, they have made a name for themselves by being nimble, and shopping out the best prices for their clients needs, and desires. From marriages and honeymoons, to group parties and functions, they don’t just cater to those looking to take a break, they work to help their clients have the most memorable experiences possible. Customer service wise, they are top notch, responding to questions about destinations and affordability, without over promising what they will be able to provide. Also asking in greater detail just what it was I was looking to get out of my vacation, and offering advice on places, as well as any additional services they could provide to facilitate. Courteous and informative, I felt like they actually WANTED not just my business, but also for me to have an enjoyable time. I say this because, myself and others have booked vacations via travel sites. One, highly un-informative. Great, maybe you do get a room for less. It may be in a part of town I know NOTHING about. And they aren’t going to tell me much, because there is no actual live person to speak with. Two, they aren’t getting deals that other companies Like “D.U.E.T.” aren’t getting as well. When I go on vacation, YES, I would love to do it for as little as possible! That would be fantastic. But, when you don’t pay for service, you don’t get service. I would rather get all the amenities a travel site offers, while also getting the service that allows me to truly plan out my trip, than not.

Diamond Ultimate Events & Travel in my opinion is exactly what the travel market needs to start leaning back towards. The ability to book vacations and parties, knowledge about the areas they serve, and most importantly customer service, from a human being. So, when you’re looking to go on your next vacation, planning a destination wedding, and really just about anything else that has to do with getting away from the “daily grind” for a bit, my advice would be to just “D.U.E.T.” (I know! I was waiting this whole time to say that!)

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J Hilburn Luxury Menswear-Chicago


J Hilburn is a luxury men’s clothing company redefining how men shop. Meet with a wardrobe stylist or ecommerce. Contact Kim Nordstrom, Style Consultant at (773)457-1100 or
Why J. Hilburn?
We Bring you custom luxury menswear without breaking the bank.Italian Fabrics: Our suits, shirts and trousers are all crafted of fabrics from the finest mills in the world, and more often than not, this means Italy. Luxury starts with premium materials , so we insist on using only the best.Custom Fit: We believe truly custom menswear starts with a personal fitting. As a Consultant I am trained and certified to measure you for an unmatched custom fit.

Exceptional Value:
Direct from the finest makers in the world, our garments are delivered to you at a value that is impossible for traditional retailers to match.

Why Sell Direct?
By selling direct J. Hilburn can eliminate the additi9onal retail mark-up. This allows them to sell luxury apparel at nearly half the price of department stores and specialty retailers.

Retailers generally us a keystone mark-up, which means they set the retail price by doubling the price they paid for the product. For instance, if a shirt costs the consumer $200 at the department store, then that shirt cost them $100 to buy from different brands, such as Gucci, or Armani.

By eliminating this additional mark-up, J. Hilburn is able to offer the same quality products at half the retail price

Fine Italian Personalized suits
Formal Wear and Accessories
Sport Coats
Custom made shirts- Italian FabricsTrousers:
Fine Italian Wool
Luxury Wool Flannel
Sueded Twill
Luxury Pinwale Corduroy
AG DenimAccessories:
Handcrafted Italian leather and exotic Bets
Custom Belts handcrafted in US
Sterling Silver Cuff Links
Cashmere Scarves
Italian Silk Ties


Baby Cashmere
Cashmere Blend Sweaters
– V-Neck
– Half Zips
– Cardigans
– Vests

Loro Piana Outerwear Jackets

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